Cultural Attache

Cultural Attache

  1. The cultural attaché undertakes the following tasks:
  2. Working to achieve the goals of the Republic of Yemen in terms of sending students to study abroad, which is represented by their obtaining the skills, experiences and academic degrees needed by the development process in Yemen
  3. Taking care of students, following up on the progress of their studies, solving their problems, and providing all forms of care and facilities necessary for them.
  4. Coordination with the missions and cultural relations sector in the ministry to receive the justifications for scholarships, to follow up the admission procedures for accepted students in universities and to complete the procedures for their registration.
  5. Participation in cultural and scientific events and highlight the cultural and civilizational heritage of the Yemen.
  6. Communicate with the Ministry of high Education in Yemen and provide it with information, reports and statistics of the students.
  7. Notarization various student documents.
  8. Publishing the Ministry’s directives and the attaché’s circulars.
  9. Recording students’ information on the site for easy access when needed by the attaché or the ministry (students’ data: passport – residence – city of study – university – study levels – specialization – copy of the university statement – type of mission) ministerial scholarship (cultural exchange) – Chinese grants – self expenses).

Procedures for Continuing Study for Cultural Exchange Students

Study Extension
Study Extension
  1. A statement by the university approving the extension with the approval of the supervisor.
  2. The approval to extend the scholarship issued by the ministry, university or employer.
  3. Passport photo.
    Admission (Admission)
  1. Currently suspended according to the directives of the Ministry of Higher Education until further notice.
  2. Ministry directives and attaché circulars regarding the student’s study progress:

Documents Required when Applying for a Note from the Cultural Attaché

  1. Submit a request to the brother, the cultural advisor, on the subject under review.
  2. An original statement from the university in which the student studies, after translating it by hand in the same memorandum (for the same academic year in which the student applied).
  3. A copy of the admission (admission) from the university.
  4. A copy of the passport with residence and entry visa to China.
  5. Attach a copy of the student’s approval from the ministry for students who obtained it or decisions of delegation from their universities or from their workplace, as well as any copy of the extension or continuity decisions for students who obtained these decisions from the scholarship authorities.

Documents Required for Students Obtaining the Approved for Financial Aid for the First Time

Academic Requirements
Academic Requirements
  1. A recent statement from the university, translated by hand and signed in the same statement. A copy of the admission
  2. admission) from the university.
  3. A copy of the previous qualification.
  4. A copy of the passport with a copy of the residence permit and entry visa.
  5. 4✖6 personal photo, white background.
  6. < dir="ltr"li>A copy of the dispatch decision for the holders of the dispatch decisions from their scholarship authorities.
Financial Requirements
Financial Requirements
  1. Opening an account in the Bank of China or any other bank available to the student.
  2. Send the account details, account number, name as in the account and the full address of the bank where it was opened in Chinese in word file.

Chinese Scholarship Application Guide

Cultural Attache Contact

Office No. :010653261140 | 010653257101

Mobile :(008618510068456)


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