H.E.DR. Mohammed Al-Maitami

It gives me great honor, as the Ambassador of the Republic of Yemen to the People’s Republic of China, to launch the website of the Embassy of the Republic of Yemen in Beijing. From this platform, I welcome all visitors to our website, citizens of the Republic of Yemen, wherever they are in China or abroad, as well as visitors from our Chinese friends and others interested in Yemen and the Yemeni-Chinese relations. I look forward with great hope that this website will become a rich media platform and a rich and useful educational outlet for Yemenis and Chinese alike, which would strengthen economic, political, cultural and other ties and relations between our two peoples and two friendly countries that have ties of friendship and joint cooperation throughout history. From this website, I warmly welcome all Yemenis residing in the People’s Republic of China, and I seek, with all the embassy staff, to make our website a an interactive platform with which to view our homeland, Yemen, and to be a window to our rich, and authentic culture, and heritage , Hoping this website will be a useful resource for every Yemeni citizen living in this The friendly country , and it will be a documented testimony to the depth of the strong relations and ties between our two friendly countries and peoples. One of our major goals in establishing the site is to create channels of communication with the citizens of Yemen who are in China or those who wish to come to this friendly country for various purposes in order to facilitate their tasks and take care of their interests, residence and presence in the People’s Republic of China in accordance with its laws, customs and traditions, as well as Facilitate the travel of all Chinese citizens who wish to come to the Republic of Yemen in accordance with its laws, customs and traditions.

The Yemen political leadership has honored me with its confidence and granted me this great honor to be the Ambassador of the Republic of Yemen to the People’s Republic of China. It’s a great honor, and I will do my best to work with my embassy team to promote and strengthen the diverse relations between our two countries and consolidating the scope and areas of development, prosperity, stability and safeguarding common values and interests. I earnestly hope that the Chinese Yemeni society will make positive, effective and glorious contributions to the realization of these goals, and we will give full attention and support.

Professor Mohammed Al-Maitami has been appointed as an Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary for Yemen in People’s Republic of China and he was serving as a Minister of Industry and Trade for Republic of Yemen since November 2016 and The Chairman of Supreme Committee for Reconstruction and Recovery in Yemen since August 2015 till June 2020, and He Served as Minister of planning and International Cooperation during 2014-2016. Professor Almaitami has been serving as a professor of economics at Sana’a University in Yemen since 1988. He has also served as a visiting scholar, professor, and researcher at many academic international institutions, such as the Institute for research studies for the Arab and Muslim World in France (1994-1995), UC Berkeley, USA (1997-1999), and Georgetown University, USA (2003-2005).

Brief Resume of H.E. Ambassador Dr. Mohammed Al-Maitami

Ambassador of the Republic of Yemen to China
Minister of Industry and Trade Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Supreme Committee for Reconstruction in Yemen
Minister of Planning and International Cooperation
Professor of Economics at Sana’a University

Non-governmental organizations

He is also the founder and member of many NGOs in Yemen and outside Yemen, few of which are the Institute of Yemeni Democracy, Awakening Movement (TAWQ) in Yemen. Professor Al-Maitami was also a Silatech Senior Country Representative for Yemen, CIPE Senior Country Representative in Yemen, Vice Chairman on Non-governmental Counsel of Advisors for the President of the Republic of Yemen (2006-2010), President of the International University of Technology Twintech , Yemen Branch, Sana’a, from( 2009-2014)

The Chairman and the Founder of Khobara Center for Development and Consultancy Services (2012- ..); Founder and member of the board of trustees and the Board of Directors of Sheba Center for Strategic Studies in Sana’a, member of the board of trustees of Family Counseling and Development Foundation and a member and affiliate of many international academic and business institutions including the Economic Research Forum, Global Development Network, and others. Professor Al-Maitami has been Addressing and focusing on Yemen Economic Challenges and Development and he served between 2008-2005 as a General Director for Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry and has become a member of the private sector team for Reform and the chair of Fiscal Policy Reform in this team.

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